BAPits have wide range of expertise in web, distributed and mobile applications, which can go from a complex online booking system, an e-commerce platform, to middle ware solutions. We are always using cutting edge technologies to deliver the excellent and powerful solutions.


Devops experts are fulfilling the gap which originated between development and operations teams. BAPits have devops engineers taking all the complexities in their hands, having a strong interpersonal skills and adapting to the situation to provide CI/CD.

Digital Offerings

BAPits team always stands on top for the latest trends and mastering latest technologies, which is essential to offer a tailored solution for the customer needs. Our team is always combining its experience with the best practices for the digital transformation solutions.

Data Offerings

Digital transformations have suddenly gave birth to the big data concept. The legacy tools and technologies does not have capabilities to handle large datasets. BAPits engineers take this crucial task in hand and provide innovative ideas to flexibly model such complex problems.


We have extensive knowledge and experience with numerous projects in different sectors, which is enough to propose a next generation solutions. We always do an advance analysis on the business needs and then propose special customized innovative solutions.

On the Cloud

BAPits have gained advance knowledge to move the business to cloud. While moving to cloud is an appealing job, yet it is complex, only the right competencies can take to the right cloud destination. It has to be planned and organized adequately to have a smooth transition.