Data is everything

Digital transformations have suddenly gave birth to big data concept. The size of the data has increased tremendously, and the legacy tools and technologies were not enough to handle such sizes. It requires special knowledge and skills to  get useful information from that data, so that it can create added value, out performs in daily life and enhances the quality of living. BAPits engineers take this crucial task in hand, and provide innovative ideas to flexibly model such complex projects for the business needs.

Big data processing has its own life cycle, starting from storage, analysis, filtering, modeling and visualization. A strong technical and functional skills are needed to handle the processing. BAPits have experts with different skill sets; who model the businees use cases, who then develop distributed systems using modern infrastructures, who then maintains and go on with the constant evolution.


BAPits specializes in building tools that are robust and scalable, which is the basic requirement for Data processing tools. Data processing tools collect, store and display information, our experts are experienced in building such innovative solutions using state of art technology, and tools like Spark, MongoDB, Hadoop.

Data Analytics

As the world is evolving, size of data is getting bigger, special tools are required to extract useful information form that data. Raw data is normally scattered at different places, heterogeneous in nature and requires intelligent filtering. Our engineers provide special care for designing algorithms and mathematical models to polish this data and then formulate it for the business needs.

Data Visualization

BAPits experts have hands on experience in designing , parametrizing and creating the data visualization tools, which is a necessary step after the data has been filtered and analyzed. The size of the data requires special catering to make it visible and easier for the customers to understand and help them in making business decisions.

Technology Stack

BAPits experts are always choosing the best suited tools depending on the customer requirement to build an efficient and flexible solution. Staying at the top requires to be highly vigilant on the state of the art technologies constantly evolving. Such tools involve:




Mongo DB




apache bigdata ecosystem