Everything is getting Digital

BAPits consists of a team of enthusiasts, and experts with domain knowledge and industry including application development, analytics, digital marketing, cloud solutions. These experts put together their experiences to create value on the digital platform and user experience.

BAPits team always stands on top to keep them updated with the latest trends and master of the latest technologies, to offer a perfect solution for the customer needs. Inception of customer requirements and presentation of a solution is performed after a deep analysis. Our team is always combining its experience with the best practices for the digital transformation solution, so that the business objectives can be met which is an essential part to ensure the success of the projects entrusted to us.

Web & Applications

Our expertise are extending from web to to mobile applications, which can go to a complex online booking system or ecommerce platform. We are always using cutting edge technologies to deliver the excellent and powerful solutions.

UX and Design

User experience is the root of successful project. BAPits experts are making sure that User is always present at the core of all the processes, and that is why user tests and prototypes are followed throughout all the phases

Digital Analytics

Advance web analytics tools e.g. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, are very helpful to devise the future and to do the enhancement in order to provide a unique experience.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential tools now to build the brand. BAPits experts can devise tailored strategy based on the business model using social network marketing, SEO, SEM. These are highly required for a successful modern business.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud seems quite appealing in the current era of IT but it needs a careful strategy to be built before moving to Cloud. It is definitely a prioritized model for IT agility. BAPits helps in devising a perfect strategy for the Cloud migration and to find a cost effective solution, which can be beneficial for the long term resource management and stability.


In modern world, a strong need has come out to have the experts who are the bridge between development and typical operations. Devops experts are fulfilling the gap which originated between development and operations teams. BAPits have devops engineers taking all the complexities in their hands, having a strong interpersonal skills and adapting to the situation to provide CI/CD.

Technology Stack

Performance and quality can only be achieved when aligned with the latest available tools and technologies in the market. BAPits is always using the stable technologies to offer the best solution.


ios & android




Rest & Webservices