Cloud Offers flexibility

In the fast-paced digital world, time to access is getting shorter, possibilities are limitless and everything is touching the sky. The cloud is offering the next generation web, including infrastructure, platform, and services. It helps in efficient resource allocation, flexibility of connectivity, ability to scale and high security. Cloud can be public, private or hybrid.

Migration to the Cloud needs the right strategy which has to be tailored for the specific business objectives. It requires a clear understanding of the business and experience before devising a cloud adoption strategy. BAPits is helping to tap into the cloud, with the correct and easy migration strategy, which can help to grow, increasing innovation and more agility.

Cloud Migration:

Cloud seems quite appealing to many organizations, but they lack in a detailed transformation plan, which leads to failures. Cloud is definitely a preferred and prioritized model of IT to achieve agility, improve performance and decrease in disruptions. BAPits helps in devising a strategy which enables:

  • Aligning the cloud migration strategy with business objectives
  • Defining precise migration targets
  • Costs and benefits to migration
  • Resources on the cloud

Technology Stack

BAPits has expertise in providing solutions with many cloud providers, some more adapted ones are:


Amazon Cloud


IBM Cloud


Google Cloud Platform


Microsoft Azure


OpenStack Cloud